Call a qualified electrician for emergency repairs

Electrical problems don't always happen when it's convenient. That's why Brightside Electric LLC offers emergency electrical repairs 24 hours a day. We'll investigate the cause of the issue at your home, office or industrial complex and find a solution. We can also help you keep your system in good shape with general tune-up services.

Contact us now to consult a licensed electrician about your electrical emergency.

5 signs you probably need electrical repairs

You should contact an electrician right away if you notice:

  • Your circuit breaker keeps tripping.
  • Your lights flicker, dim or go out completely.
  • You notice a buzzing noise near your devices.
  • You notice a burning smell near your outlets.
  • Your outlets aren't producing power.
Don't wait for electrical problems to get worse. Call 715-495-2968 today to schedule emergency electrical services from the pros.