Consult Brightside Electric when you're having electrical issues in your home

Do you know what's making your lights go out or your power outlet shock you when you try to plug something in? If not, it's time to call in the pros. Brightside Electric LLC is standing by to provide electrical diagnostics and repairs. We can also install your new electrical wiring or light fixtures.

To get a free estimate on residential electrical services, reach out to us today.

Give your home a much-needed electrical update

When you hire us for residential electrical services, you can count on our licensed electrician to update your home by:

  • Wiring or rewiring your system to accommodate new appliances or electronics.
  • Installing a new electrical panel so you have access to the electricity you need.
  • Replacing your light fixtures with more energy-efficient models so you can save on utilities.
Enhance the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home. Call 715-495-2968 now to schedule residential electrical services.